Dr. Lana Bader

General Manager

Mr. Costandi Bajjali

Deputy General Manager

Eng. Salam Ta'amneh

Assistant General Manager of

Fire and General  Accidents

Mr. Hani Habash

Internal Audit Department Manager

Dr. Diala Fakhoury

Medical Department Manager

Mr. Zaid Haddadeen

Finance Manager

Mr. Mohammad Hyari

Claims Department Manager

Mr. Jameel Nasar

Motor Claims Department Manager

Mr. Shadi Malkawi

Marine Department Manager

Adv. Sa'ad Al Faouri

Legal Department Manager

Ms. Kanary Naser

Information Technology Department Manager

Mr. Abed Al Rahman Al Momany

Indirect Business & Branches Manager

Mr. Thaer Al Tamimi

Motor Department Manager

Mr. Mahmoud Freihat

Risk Management, Compliance &
Quality Control Department Manager

Hamzeh Al Shorman

Individual Life Insurance Manager

Mr. Anas Ababneh

Reinsurance Department

Sami Hajahjeh

Manager of Group Life Department