Our coverage:

We realize that travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but even a carefully planned trip is not safe from complications, so we find it our duty to offer you a strong travel insurance policy to protect your trip.

It provides you with complete protection while traveling, as mentioned below 

maximum age for coverage

80 years


Euro& JD

Geographical area

European Union (Schengen) countries and world countries

European countries (comprehensive coverage for all European countries) + European and Middle Eastern countries + all countries of the world

Coverages and benefits

Covering limit

Maximum all benefits

30.000 EURO

Costs of transporting the deceased to the original home


Maximum case


Expenses of transportation or return to Jordan due to an accident or urgent illness


In-hospital treatment (compensation)


Co-insurance  for each case

100 JD

Special conditions

  • This insurance excludes previous sick cases (the disease that occurs before the effective date of the above contract)
  • The maximum age of the insured is 65 years.
  • 50% is added to the prices for ages between 66 – 80 years.
  • 50% discount on prices for ages 12 years and less.
  • The maximum stay during travel is 60 days only
  • Please be informed that we will cover the disease (COVID-19) soon, and I will inform you of the coverage and details soon.

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