Fire and theft for companies

The company’s property and assets in preservation and preservation with Euro Arab Insurance Group covers this document

Allied risk and fire insurance policy:

This type of document also covers a number of additional risks that may differ from one insurance policy to another, but the risks often include the following:

  • Explosion
  • Storms, tornadoes and floods
  • Earthquakes
  • The fall of the aircraft or any parts thereof
  • Being hit by third-party vehicles
  • Water pipes burst and water reservoirs overflowing
  • Loss of profits / business interruption
  • Legal liability pertaining to a third party, including liability towards the tenant landlords
  • Tenants ’responsibility towards landlords
  • The strikes, disturbances and subsequent deliberate harm to them
  • Theft accompanied by the use of means of breaking and loosening
  • Debris removal expenses
  • Expenses for extinguishing the fire
  • Fees for engineering and legal consultations, those responsible for surveying and surveying operations, and the architects.

Fire and additional risks insurance policy:

Fire and additional risks insurance policy is one of the important documents that covers the property of companies, institutions and individuals

It covers the following:

1- Insured property

  • Buildings of all kinds (residential – commercial – industrial), including electrical and mechanical installations and installations, elevators and other services attached to them, whether they are owned or leased.
  • All contents: home, office, commercial and industrial.
  • Goods of all kinds.

2 – Covered hazards

This document covers mainly the risks of fire and lightning, and the insurance cover can be expanded to include: storms – tornadoes – floods – pipe bursts – earthquakes … etc., and these types of coverage are always mentioned in the document.

3 – Additional Coverages

The fire policy can be extended to include the following coverages:

  1. The costs of removing debris, which cover if it resulted from fire.
  2. Rental loss whereby the insured is compensated for the rental loss incurred within the limits of certain amounts.
  3. Loss of profits as a result of any material damage to the insured property as a result of a covered accident within the policy, which leads to hindering the operation, so this policy compensates the insured as a result of 1 – decrease in sales, 2 – increase in operating expenses.
  4. Civil liability, which extends to cover the civil and legal liability of the company towards neighbors, building owners, or tenants, which occurs as a result of a fire that extends to the affected persons.

4 – The data required to make fire insurance

The “insured” insurance company must be provided with the following data:

  • The name and location of the site (s) to be insured.
  • Building security amount.
  • Fixed assets security amount (if any). In the event of valuable property, a detailed statement must be provided
  • The cargo security amount (if any).
  • The monthly rent for each location.
  • Details of wages, salaries, administrative expenses, and expected net profit in case of profit loss insurance.
  • Limits of liability in the event of a request for civil liability coverage.
  • A sensory inspection of buildings and properties is carried out to inspect all safety measures followed and make recommendations for everyone’s interest

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