MA”AAK for vehicles Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance is designed to protect you from bearing material losses resulting from vehicle accidents. This policy covers damage to the vehicle regardless of your liability in the accident.
Comprehensive motor insurance covers the vehicle damage itself, in addition to the damages that may be caused to the other party affected in accordance with the provisions and instructions of the compulsory insurance system in case the insured caused the accident
Basic Coverages of Comprehensive Insurance:

  • Damage or damage to one or more parts of the insured vehicle’s body.
  • Material and bodily damages that occur to others in accordance with the provisions of the compulsory insurance system.
  • Physical damage to the passengers of the insured vehicle.

Covered hazards:

Compensation for damage to the insured vehicle shall be made if it results from the following dangers :

  • Fire or ignition, self-explosion or external.
  • Partial or total theft.
  • Colliding with other objects.
  • deterioration or inversion.

Additional benefits:

  • Roadside assistance and licensing service
  • Repairs within the vehicle agency’s maintenance centers. This applies to private salon vehicles that are no more than 3 years old.

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