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Life insurance covers the risk of death of a specific person who is the person whose life is insured. It is called the insured. There are various types of individual and group life insurance policies. However, they all share a general definition as follows:

A life insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the insured (the contractor) in which it is agreed that the insurance company is obligated to pay an amount of money called the insurance amount to a specific beneficiary specified in the policy upon the death of the insured during the insurance period, in exchange for a premium paid by the contractor to the insurance company ,

The thing that we must know from the beginning is that the life insurance policy gives rise to a right of benefit and not an inheritance. ,, The document is still a right of benefit emerging from it and not an inheritance.

Also, the life insurance policy can be designed to meet the needs of each individual or institution, so that the insurance amount is paid upon the death of the insured for his life, and the policy covered by the insurance is covered 24 hours a day and all over the world.

One or more of the following additional benefits may be added to the contract coverage:

  • Accident death benefit (compensation is made with a double insurance amount).
  • The benefit of permanent total disability resulting from an accident or illness.
  • The permanent partial disability benefit resulting from an accident or disease (according to the comprehensive global disability schedule).
  • The benefit of temporary total disability resulting from an accident or illness.
  • The benefit of protection against the dangers of death and disability resulting from war and quasi-war operations, including terrorist operations, provided that there is no participation in (Passive War Risk).
  • The benefit of medical expenses arising from an accident.
  • The benefit of returning the body of the insured person who died outside Jordan to Jordan.

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